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Air-to-water system releases cold energy into air. It has an outdoor unit with evaporator and fan which blows cold energy into the atmosphere.

Savings in comparison with classical heat pumps is around 30%, and in relation to conventional heating systems is 75%.

These pumps work in the same way as water-to-water heat pumps, the only difference is that air flows through primary heat exchanger (instead of well water) and a certain amount of heat energy is taken from it. With these pumps, COP (Coefficient of performance) factor does not only depend on water temperature in the heating system, but also on the air temperature which is subject to large fluctuations (it can be said that the temperature of well water is relatively constant). Due to this fact, the value of COP is significantly changing during the heating season. These heat pumps provide slightly weaker results than water-to-water heat pumps, however they do not require well drilling so they are financially more profitable. They can be installed anywhere.

Our air-to-water heat pump uses the advantages of DC Inverter technology. In this way, through the modulation mode, the capacity of compressor is adjusted exactly as needed and it delivers the desired water temperature for heating.

Inverter technology additionally regulates the speed of operation, and it adjusts it to the attained temperature. This means that, while the room temperature is far from the desired one, air condition works in full speed and when it is close to reach the desired temperature, it reduces its intensity. In this way, the power consumption is reduced as well. In general, the temperature is maintained and there are no big deviations in temperature.

dc inverter eng pdf

  • Heating condition: Water Inlet/Outlet temperature 30°C/35°C, ambient temperature DB/WB 7°C/6°C

  • Heating condition: Water Inlet/Outlet temperature 40°C/45°C, ambient temperature DB/WB 7°C/6°C

  • Cooling condition: Water Inlet/Outlet temperature 23°C/18°C, ambient temperature 35°C

  • Cooling condition: Water Inlet/Outlet temperature 12°C/7°C, ambient temperature 35°C

The specifications are subject to minimum changes.

With inverter pumps, as well as all heat pumps, it is recommended that the facility is well insulated in the first place (minimal 5cm insulation and dual-chamber glass) in order to achieve the maximum energy efficiency, i.e. maximum energy savings.

Our recommendations for installation of Braun inverter heat pumps in relation to quadrature of the facility are:

  1. Apartments and smaller houses up to 70m2: heat pump TP-5 IS, power 5kW

  2. Facilities from 70 to 90m2: heat pump TP-9 IS, power 9kW

  3. Facilities from 90 to 150m2: heat pump TP-11 IS, power 11kW

  4. Facilities from 150 to 250m2: heat pump TP-18 IS, power 18kW

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