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Prices of On/Off Controlled Heat Pumps are listed in table bellow by model:

SDRS-075-B capacity 9,57kW -1600€

SDRS-100-B capacity 12,32kW -2000€

SDRS-100-B-S capacity 12,32kW -2000€

SDRS-125-A-S capacity 14,58kW -2200€

SDRS-125-B-S capacity 14,58kW -2500€

SDRS-150-A-S capacity 17,43kW -2600€

SDRS-175-A-S capacity 21,48kW -2800€

SDRS-250-A-S capacity 29kW -4100€

SDRS-300-A-S capacity 35kW -4700€

Note: First two pumps work on a single-phase electric power, while others work on a three-phase electric power. It is also important to mention that with the first three models, the outdoor units are placed horizontally, while in the remaining six, the outdoor units are placed vertically.

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