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Why heat pumps?

The basic characteristic of a heat pump is that for 1kW of power consumption one gets 6kW of heat energy, which means that cooling or heating with heat pump is 70% cheaper in comparison with any other sources (gas, electricity, coal, wood).

Furthermore, with the appropriate water heater, heat pump creates unlimited amount of sanitary hot water, with a saving of 75%!

To conclude, with the help of only one device-heat pump, you can heat your facility during winter, cool it during summer and have unlimited amounts of sanitary hot water, but still have your energy bills 3-4 times lower!

These are just some of the reasons for which you should consider buying a heat pump:

  • It reduces your heating, cooling and preparation of sanitary hot water costs by 75%

  • It is eco-friendly

  • It is convenient- you just have to set the desired temperature

  • It is quiet

  • There are no chimneys, stoking or cleaning kettles

  • There are no costs for chimneys, gas adapter, tanks

  • Independency from increase in prices of classical sources (gas, coal, oil, wood)

Sources like oil, gas and coal are not renewable. Therefore, their reserves are limited which stipulates their continuous increase in prices, whereas, heat pump sources are practically unlimited and free (groundwater, soil, air).

Depending on the type of the heat pump and the heating installation, ratio of used electric power and obtained heat energy range from 1:3 to 1:6. Residential buildings of 100m2 heating surface with well done insulation and heat pump system can be heated with power consumption of 150€ per heating season. These results are obtained from practically applied heating systems with a heat pump.

Unlike regular systems used for cooling and heating, heating systems with heat pumps enable heating, cooling and sanitary hot water. For the same price, one gets a device with dual or triple function.

Furthermore, prices of a real estate which has geothermal system included are higher. If you sell a house or some other property, the value of your property will be higher, buyers would be more interested and the property would be sold quickly.

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